Rate Chart


Luxury Suites: kings with living rooms & fireplaces
Family Suites: 2 bedrooms king & 2 twins
Standard Rooms: queen or king
Standard Plus: king with the addition of a living room or a whirlpool

Room #NameSeasonal RateTypeBedFireplaceWalk-In ShowerWhirlpoolLiving RoomWorkspaceFloorPets
1Arthur Jones$195-$305Standard RoomKing or Twin StandardGroundX
2Marsh$195-$305Standard RoomKing or Twin StandardXXGround
3Dorset$315-$435Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXXXXGroundX
5Myrick$315-$435Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXXXXGround
7Earnest West$195-$305Standard RoomKing Standard2X
8Mettawee$245-$365Standard PlusKing PlusX2
9Williams$195-$305Standard RoomKing Standard2
12Owls Head$315-$435Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXXXX2
14Kent Hill$315-$435Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXXXX2X
16Gilbert$175-$285Standard RoomQueen Standard2
17Nichols$175-$285Standard RoomQueen StandardX2X
18Fenton$195-$305Standard RoomKing Standard 2X
19Prentiss$175-$285Standard RoomQueen Standard2
20Woodlawn$245-$365Standard PlusKing PlusX2X
22Ethan Allen$175-$285Standard RoomQueen Standard2
23Saddleback$365-$495Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXXXX2X
25Connaway$195-$305Standard RoomKing StandardX2.5
26Rockwell$315-$435Luxury SuiteKing SuiteXX2.5
28Cephas$195-$305Standard RoomKing StandardXX2.5X
29Wilson$195-$305Standard RoomKing StandardX2.5
30Pleissner$195-$305Standard RoomKing StandardX3X
32Frost$355-$475Family SuiteKing & Two Twins3X
33Aeolus$355-$475Family SuiteKing & Two Twins3
35McWaine$355-$475Family SuiteKing & Two Twins3

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