Added Amenities

Enhancements to Your Stay

Picnic Lunch On The Green For Two $45
– Packed Lunch From Dorset Bakery

3 Course Dinner For Two  $225 all inclusive (Alcohol not included)
– Choose From Barrows House or The Dorset Inn

Happy Birthday or Anniversary Package $150 (1 Week Advance Notice)
– Personalized Cake From Dorset Bakery (For two)
– Balloons or Flowers
– Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Wine

Scotch or Bourbon Tasting $50 Per Person

Other Ideas for Reservation Enhancements:

All can be placed in your room prior to your arrival. Prices may vary based on your specific needs.  Advance notice required.
Ask about anything else you can think of and we can always try to provide!

Cheeseboard (for two) $25

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (6 or 12) $15 or $25

Cookies, Brownies, or Baked Goods (plated for two) $16

Flowers (customizable) starting at $70

Wine/Champagne (see wine list)