Do You Cook on Your Days Off?

05 24, 2017

As a Chef this is a question I’m asked quite a bit.  And the answer is yes!  I love to cook for my family, for myself and for my friends.  That’s not to say I don’t ever eat frozen pizza cause I sure do!  But cooking is something I love to do not just a job.

Sunday my wife and I went to the Dorset Farmer’s Market and acquired some local seasonal goodies.  As we strolled the market I decided we needed to make pasta.  That’s to say from scratch and with some of the awesome ingredients we were seeing in front of us.  Fava beans, kale, heirloom tomatoes, garlic scapes, and grass fed beef sweet italian sausage.

So we brought all that home and went fishing!!!     

After fishing and catching fish we came home and got down to business making dinner…

While Kristen picked the fava beans I made the pasta.


As the pasta rested we finished prep for our sauce.  Cooked the sausage, cut the veggies, opened the wine…

While my pan got hot I rolled the pasta and laid out to dry a bit before cooking.

Butter (lots of butter), scapes and onions first.  Kales then tomatoes and then sausage joined the team.  Some chardonnay and the fava beans joined the party.  More butter and some EVOO with a little S&P rounding things out towards the end of that.


Pasta into boiling salted water for about three minutes then into the pan with the farmer’s market goodies it goes!

Tossy Toss and and little more seasoning and that’s about that.

Warm up a little bread, sprinkle a little romano, pour some cabernet sauvignon and dinner is served!

Cooking can feel like a chore on occasion, and that’s why I have a freezer full of frozen pizzas.  Most of the time though I cook with love for my family, friends, food and even myself (love me some street tacos).



Chef Jon